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Empowering Parental Choice in School District Libraries

BookmarkED personalizes school libraries, enables parental engagement, offers real-time data and compliance, and reduces the cost of challenged books in district libraries.

What is BookmarkED?

BookmarkED is a platform that enhances the relationship between homes and schools, allowing parents to personalize their child’s literary options, while also enabling districts to redirect administration costs to teaching and learning outcomes. ‍

Parental Voice and Choice

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Enable parents to choose which library books their child can check out based on family values

Explore their child's entire school library catalog

Real-time notifications and approval requests during the check-out process

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Real-time Health Check for your Libraries

Ensure compliance with state legislation related to challenged books

Reduce costs around the challenged book review process

Access state-wide, real-time data on challenged books in your district libraries

Allow teachers to make informed selections for materials that support curriculum

Why we Created BookmarkED

BookmarkED unites communities and elevates literacy by addressing the conflict that school districts are currently facing regarding challenged books. Conceptualized by a Texas Superintendent, BookmarkED was developed out of a desire for school districts to incorporate parental engagement and streamline the district process for challenged books. Additionally, BookmarkED wanted to compile state-wide, real-time data on challenged books, effectively creating a more efficient and cost-saving measure for libraries.

BookmarkED is currently accepting school districts to join our mission to improve the educational literacy experience for all students

Join us as we empower parents and enhance school library communication

Unleash cost savings while enhancing the bond between libraries and families, fostering an enriching environment for students’ literary exploration.